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Poscle Information:

Poscle is an Iron Father, who takes the role of both a chaplain and a techmarine in the Iron Hands. His body is almost entirely cybernetic, which means he can no longer truely feel pain. And his armor is among the best of the galaxy, easily deflecting most blows. He's also particularly adept at making cybernetics, and as far as his cybernetic implants go, they're all geared towards aiding Poscle with engineering tasks. However, additional dexterity and having sensors able to detect weak points in armor tend to be useful in combat too.

Poscle is extremely gifted and knowledgable in making cybernetics, as well. He does tend to act like a robot, however he does have a spark of compassion, one that was forced to be repressed due to constant inquisitorial investigations. As for his weapons, he has a servo pack with two servo arms, a plamsa cutter, and a flamethrower, as well as a handheld power axe and bolt pistol, which he holsters elsewhere should he be carrying a different primary weapon.

Poscle occassionally changes up what weapon he happens to be carrying depending on the situation, and is capable of using heavy weapons with skill should the situation require it. As of the moment, he is carrying a Plasma Cannon as his primary ranged weapon.
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